Product Description

50 wt 100% Egyptian cotton, double gassed & mercerized. Konfetti is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, embroidery, general sewing, and piecing. Available in 60 colors in 1093yd (1000m) spools and 2500yd (2286m) cones.

Additional information

Weight .038 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 cm
Konfetti Colour Numbers

K100, KT101, KT102, KT200, KT201, KT300, KT301, KT302, KT303, KT304, KT305, KT306, KT307, KT308, KT400, KT401, KT402, KT403, KT404, KT405, KT406, KT600, KT601, KT602, KT603, KT604, KT605, KT606, KT607, KT608, KT609, KT610, KT611, KT612, KT613, KT614, KT700, KT701, KT703, KT704, KT705, KT706, KT707, KT708, KT800, KT801, KT803, KT804, KT805, KT806, KT807, KT809, KT810, KT811, KT901, KT902, KT903, KT904, KT905, KT906

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